As a pet owner, purchasing a lead, collar and harness is one of the most important tools you have. In most places, it's even required by law when your dog is outside. But there are many different types of collars, and the options can sometimes feel overwhelming.

View the below PETLIFE range to find out what would be suit your needs, depending on your dog and lifestyle.


  • 16661_PaddedLead_black
    Padded Lead

    A premium, durable nylon lead featuring a soft, waterproof neoprene padded handle to make your dog walks more comfortable. 120cm.

  • 16731_PaddedChainLead_Blue
    Padded Chain Lead

    Great for everyday walking, available in 120-180cm, in blue, black and red.

  • Nylon Lead
    Nylon Lead

    The Nylon Lead is great for everyday walks, available in 120-180cm in blue, black & red.

  • 09300605168695_C1N1
    Halti Lead

    Designed as a training aid for dogs, this lead is made from soft but extremely strong webbing that makes walking your dog a breeze. 200cm

Puppy Collars

  • 17296_RuffledPuppy
    Ruffled Fashion Puppy Collar

    A fashionable puppy collar that is sure to make all the other puppies envious of its comfort and style.

  • Fashion-Puppy-Collar-Paisley-Pink
    Paisley Pink Fashion Puppy Collar

    This Fashion Puppy Collar – Paisley Pink is made to provide your puppy with maximum comfort and style.

  • Fashion-Puppy-Collar-Bubble-Gum
    Bubble Gum Fashion Puppy Collar

    This Fashion Puppy Collar is made to provide your puppy with maximum comfort and style.

  • 16790_Leather_Mixer
    Leather Mixer Puppy Collar

    Your puppy’s first collar is always one you will remember.

  • Puppy-Collar-Suede
    Suede Puppy Collar

    High-quality collar for only the most stylish puppies in town!

  • Fashion-Puppy-Collar-Pup-Think-Pink
    Think Pink Fashion Puppy Collar

    Delightfully pink puppy collar for only the cutest pups!

  • Fashion-Puppy-Collar-Holky-Polky
    Holky Polky Fashion Puppy Collar

    Fashionable, cute and comfy polka-dot design that’s great for puppies!

  • Fashion-Puppy-Collar-Cosmo-Black
    Cosmo Black Fashion Puppy Collar

    This Fashion Puppy Collar is made to provide your puppy with maximum comfort and style.

  • Fashion-Puppy-Collar-Platinum
    Platinum Fashion Puppy Collar

    Fashionable, platinum coloured puppy collar, made from soft but strong material

Dog Collars

  • 17204_SpecialEditionCollar_BlackLeather
    Leather Plain Collar

    A premium collar with a custom designed buckle and an attractive nickel finish. Available in Black, Morocco & Cabernet.

  • collar-padded-red
    Padded Collar

    A premium made collar designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. The collar is made from durable nylon and lined with soft waterproof neoprene padding. …

  • 16342-LeatherStuddedCollar-Morocco_2
    Leather Studded Collar Morocco

    A premium collar, manufactured from soft Nappa leather with rolled edge leather construction. Features exclusive PETLIFE buckle and pyramid studs, for tough dogs with attitude.

  • 16393-NylonCollar-Black
    Nylon Collar

    This Dog Collar made from strong but smooth nylon material, and comes in 4 sizes : 35cm, 45cm, 55cm, 65cm.

  • Nylon-Adj-Collar-Red-M-30-50cmx20mm
    Nylon Adjustable Collar

    This Nylon Collar is easily adjustable to fit most dogs. Sizes 30-50cm, and available in Black, Red, Blue and Pink.


  • 16582_NylonAdjustableHarness_Purple
    Nylon Adjustable Harness

    An easy to fit adjustable harness that fits to the contours of your pet’s body. Designed to provide comfort and support.

  • 16746_PaddedHarness_Red
    Padded Harness

    A durable, easy to fit with adjustable straps to fit to the contours of your pet’s body. Featuring soft, waterproof neoprene padding for added comfort.

  • Harness
    Halti Harness

    Stops your dog pulling kindly, Easy to fit and simple to use for front steering control. Available in black and red.