Safety and Training

Training is an important part of any dog's life. Not only does it provides mental stimulation (which helps to keep your dog happy), but if combined with morning exercise aids your dog being mentally and physically fit. Purina recommends reward-based training methods whereby a dog is set up to succeed and then rewarded for ‘good’ behaviour (positive reinforcement). View our range of training and safety products below.


  • CLIX
    CLIX Carsafe Harness

    Adjustable harness that fits to the contours of your pet’s body. Provides comfort and support without applying force on animals neck.


  • 16879_BaskervilleMuzzle
    Baskerville Muzzle

    Designed to combine maximum safety and comfort for the dog.

  • Anxiety
    Anxiety Wrap

    Calms canine anxiety and fear. With it’s unique calming straps, this product provides instant results to improve your dog’s behaviour.

  • Harness
    Halti Harness

    Stops your dog pulling kindly, Easy to fit and simple to use for front steering control. Available in black and red.

  • Halti
    Halti Head Collar

    Stops dogs pulling – kindly. Is easy to fit, simple to use and provides instant control. Available in red and black.

  • Training-Lead
    Halti Lead

    Designed as a training aid for dogs, this lead is made from soft but extremely strong webbing that makes walking your dog a breeze.

  • Opti
    Halti Optifit

    Designed to stop your dog pulling kindly. Adjusts for optimal comfort with ultra soft nose band.