Grooming is an important part of your pet’s wellbeing. Grooming your pet not only is a great to keep them looking their best, it is also a great way for you to bond, while helping keep their skin and coat healthy.

The benefits associated with regular grooming are significant and are something that every owner should be aware of.

The PETLIFE professional range includes a 3 step grooming process to help make grooming an easy and enjoyable experience for you and your fury friend!

3 Step Grooming Guide

Preparation and Bathing

  • Easy-Clean-Slicker-min
    Easy Clean Slicker

    Unique shaped pins and a flextech handle design that loosen tangles, mats and remove dead hair from the undercoat, leaving top coat healthy and shiny.

  • Slicker-and-rake-duo-min
    Professional Slicker & Rake Duo

    Bathing preparation and everyday coat maintenance. Rake side detangles and loosens undercoat hair. Slicker brush removes dead hair from undercoat, leaving topcoat healthy and shiny.

  • rake&knotremover-min
    Professional Rake & Knot Remover Duo

    Ideal for bathing preparation or everyday coat maintenance. Rake side detangles and loosens thick undercoat hair. Knot remover great for stubborn hard to remove knots.

  • easy-clean-undercoat-rake-min
    Professional Easy Clean Undercoat Rake

    Wide set teeth that specialise in detangling and loosing, thick undercoat hair. Ideal to use when your pet is shedding their undercoat.

  • undercoat&fleacomb-min
    Professional Undercoat & Flea Comb Duo

    Bathing preparation or everyday maintenance. Undercoat comb detangles and loosens undercoat hair. Flea comb with fine set teeth ideal for combing out fleas and eggs.

  • Detangling&fleacomb-min
    Professional Detangling & Flea Comb Duo

    Detangling comb with rotating pins ideal for everyday grooming, while flea comb with its fine set teeth ideal for combing out fleas and their eggs.

  • 2in1conditioningshampoo-min
    Professional 2in1 Conditioning Shampoo

    Formulated to strengthen and condition a dog’s coat. Containing the ingredients Panthenol, Vitamin E, Aloe and Oatmeal to give shine, provide brightness and volume.

  • deodorisingshampoo-min
    Professional Deodorising Shampoo

    Assists in reducing coat odour while leaving your dog’s coat shiny and skin healthy. Containing organic Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Vitamin E and essential oils.

  • Puppyshampoo-min
    Professional Puppy Shampoo

    Encourages a healthy, shiny coat, while being gentle on young skin. Made with a tearless formulation including Organic Aloe Vera, Oatmeal and Vitamin E.

  • delicate-min
    Professional Delicate Shampoo

    Encourages a healthy, shiny coat while being gentle on your dog’s skin. Using a tearless formulation including; Organic Aloe Vera, Cucumber & Green Tea Extracts..

  • brightcoat-min
    Professional Bright Coat Shampoo

    Using special whiteners and coat brighteners, this shampoo returns dull or discoloured coats back to their dazzling best, whilst leaving skin health and coat silky.

  • Colour-Protect-min
    Professional Colour Protect Shampoo

    Anti-oxidants found in Coconut Oil & Vitamin E help protect against fading from sunlight whilst maintaining richness and shine of black and dark coated dog’s.

  • Medicatedshampoo-min
    Professional Medicated Shampoo

    Assists in the relief of Dermatoses, Eczema and dry skin. Being medicated it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which can relieve dogs from itching.

  • fleacontrolshampoo-min
    Professional Flea Control Shampoo

    A medicated shampoo which kills fleas and aids in the control of Paralysis Ticks. Containing Melaleuca alternifolia (a Germicidal Oil) to gently soothe irritated skin..

  • detanglingand-deodorising-min
    Professional Detangling & Deodorising Spray

    Ideal for long haired breeds. Spray quickly penetrates even the most stubborn mats and tangles, allowing a coat to be easily combed with minimum effort.

Brush & Style

  • flex-slicker-min
    Professional Flex Slicker

    Double sided brush with soft flexible head that contours to your pet. Ideal for gently loosening tangles, knots and mats. Available in Small & Large.

  • easycleanpinbrush-min
    Professional Easy Clean Pin Brush

    Designed with uniquely shaped pins and a flextech handle to reduce excessive brushing force when removing stubborn mats and an eject button for easy self-clean.

  • Multibrush-min
    Professional Multi Brush (w/ Slicker)

    Ergonomically designed hand held brush that can be moved in all directions limiting wrist fatigue. Brush heads are interchangeable, comes with slicker brush.

  • PL Professional Multi Brush Accessories Pack
    Professional Multi Brush Accessories Pack (w/ Bristle & Pin Brush)

    Accessories pack with bristle & pin attachment for Professional Multi Brush tool. Pin brush removes loose hair and debris. Bristle brush polishes the coat.

  • styling_scissors-min
    Professional Styling Scissors

    Ideal for all over cutting and trimming. Ball tip design is ideal for those sensitive areas and the soft grip finger handles provide maximum comfort.

  • thinning_scissors-min
    Professional Thinning Scissors

    Ideal for reducing hair thickness and creating a textured, layered blend – without leaving unsightly edges. The Soft Grip finger handles provide maximum comfort.

Finishing Touches

  • finishingspray-min
    Professional Finishing Spray

    Specially formulated to deliver a rich lustre to your pet’s coat. Containing a Herbasol extract to lubricate and add sheen after washing and grooming.

  • bristleandpinbrush-min
    Professional Bristle & Pin Brush Duo

    Ideal for removing loose hair and stimulating natural oils to promote a healthy, shiny coat as well as helping to reduce tangled and matted hair.

  • nailclipper-min
    Professional Nail Clipper

    For sharp precision nail cutting. Includes safety clip for controlled trimming of your pet’s nails and prevents over cutting. Available in small and large.

Additional Grooming Products

  • desheddingtool-min
    Professional De-Shedding Tool

    Easily remove your pet’s loose undercoat without damaging the topcoat. Reduces shedding by up to 90% with ongoing use. Available in Small, medium and large.

  • doublecoatdeshedding-min
    Professional De-Shedding Tool for Long Double Coats

    Designed for long double coat dogs. Removes only the dead, loose undercoat whilst leaving top coat healthy and radiant. Available in small, medium and large.