Grooming is an important part of your cat’s wellbeing. Grooming your pet not only keeps them looking their best; it is also a great way for your pet to bond while keeping their skin and coat healthy.

The benefits associated with regular grooming are significant and are something that every owner should be aware of.

The PETLIFE has a range of tools suitable for cats.


  • thinning_scissors-min
    Professional Thinning Scissors

    Thinning scissors are ideal for reducing hair thickness and creating a textured, layered blend – without leaving unsightly edges. The Soft Grip finger handles provide …

  • styling_scissors-min
    Professional Styling Scissors

    Our Styling Scissors are ideal for all over cutting and trimming. Ball tip design is ideal for those sensitive areas and the soft grip finger …

Coat Health

  • doublecoatdeshedding-min
    Professional De-Shedding Tool for Long Double Coats

    With its innovative, patented u-forge blade set at 45 degrees, this De-Shedding tool for long double coats discriminates by only removing the dead, loose undercoat …

Finishing Touches

  • nailclipper-min
    Professional Nail Clipper

    Excessively long nails may lead to injury and pain when walking for your pet. This product contains a cutting safety clip that allows for controlled …

  • bristleandpinbrush-min
    Professional Bristle & Pin Brush Duo

    Ideal for removing loose hair and stimulating natural oils to promote a healthy, shiny coat as well as helping to reduce tangled and matted hair.